The Balance of Care Group


What we can do for you

What’s special about the Balance of Care Group?

The health and social care community across the board faces immense challenges over the coming years with the key to tackling them being ‘innovation’. New ways of doing existing work, of undertaking new developments and, throughout all of this, improving patient safety and quality of care are required.

Innovation has been a central ethos of the Balance of Care Group’s work for many years. Good information management, analytical and evaluation tools are cornerstones of any successful creative solutions, and we have particular application expertise in all of these areas. Our whole system approach to work is particularly insightful where issues are complex, involving many stakeholder organisations, interest groups and care pathways – often simultaneously.

Working with us

We’re always happy discuss your particular situation with no obligation – we’re very approachable in that way! Typical areas of interest and issues that people come to us about include:

Whether your project is small or large in scale we can advise, and will tailor our resources to field the strongest and most appropriate expertise.

We operate best management practices and work to agreed deliverables, timescales and budgets from the start of any project. Close communication and working with clients and stakeholders is second nature to us; this can range from individual interviews and group workshops through to more significant training and development work involving large numbers of people.

In this way local people are directly involved in shaping the process and taking on ownership of data and results of analyses so that there is sustainability in the work we undertake with people carrying forward our work in subsequent local analyses.

At the heart of our underlying philosophy is a desire not only to complete projects to the client’s complete satisfaction, but ours as well. We always aim to ensure from the outset that we have a sustainable effect. If you’d like to speak to people who have worked with us before we are happy to put you in touch them.

Please contact: Paul Forte (+44-(0)7818 066653) or Tom Bowen (+44(0)7768 123865)